Author: Dmitriy Guzner

  • Mars Landing – 3D Animated Scene inspired by C.S. Lewis

    Mars Landing – 3D Animated Scene inspired by C.S. Lewis

    In my 2012 3D animation of the Mars landing scene from C.S. Lewis’ novel “Out of the Silent Planet,” I wanted to bring this iconic moment to life in a way that captures the wonder and excitement of the original story. Using a vast 3D landscape and beautiful textures, I sought to recreate the stunning […]

  • Point Me At The Sky

    Point Me At The Sky

    A prisoner makes a daring escape to reunite with his love in this 3D animation project. Pink Floyd’s soaring melodies and lyrics about reaching for the stars add a backdrop of depth and emotion to the piece, perfectly capturing the feelings of freedom and hope; chaos and uncertainty. The flying pig, iconic throughout Pink Floyd’s […]

  • Alexander – Short Animated Film

    Alexander – Short Animated Film

    In this short animation from 2009, “Alexander,” I tell the story of a lone rancher who lives on a distant planet with his pet dinosaur.

  • Because


    In this short animation, I use the music of the Beatles’ “Because” to set the tone for a cautionary tale about the dangers of technology evolving too fast. The film follows a character as they are consumed by their dependence on technology, ultimately losing touch with the world around them. Through this story, I hope […]