Point Me At The Sky

A prisoner makes a daring escape to reunite with his love in this 3D animation project. Pink Floyd’s soaring melodies and lyrics about reaching for the stars add a backdrop of depth and emotion to the piece, perfectly capturing the feelings of freedom and hope; chaos and uncertainty.

The flying pig, iconic throughout Pink Floyd’s visual history, is itself is a symbol of the impossible becoming possible, of the constraints of society being overcome through determination and will. The image of the prisoner soaring through the sky, the wind rushing past him as he holds onto the pig, is both exciting and hopeful.

At its core, this piece is about the enduring power of love and the desire for freedom that exists within all of us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult our circumstances may seem, we can always strive to break free and chase our dreams.

Before being featured in the video above, I used the pig in a few other experimental animation exercises (also set to the music of Pink Floyd), including this lighthearted Google-Maps-inspired animation completed in 1 day.






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